Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear John, (as in Mayer.)


I read the Rolling Stones article. Look, if what you’ve said, about how you try to connect with your fans and people realistically is true, then I have to assume on some level that makes us friends.

Friends are the people who are there through the thick and the thin. And trust me, I’ve been defending you for who knows how long at this point. After this article though, how am I supposed to do that? When all you talk about is getting laid, high or drunk.

Aren’t you supposed to be doing something with all of this? You are an ABLE being and what you create communicates to millions of people. Shouldn’t you be up there saying something that will better yourself, your loved ones, peers and ultimately the world?

Production is the basis of morale. No production or a lack of exchange will lead you down a path of insanity. If you’re feeling like that already, just get up and DO something (no, not somebody...), anything that will leave you with a tangible, physical object or change. If Battle Studies isn’t your favorite album, then why settle for it? Release what you’re proud of and don’t hold yourself back because you think it’s the most unexpected route. Your CDs are your exchange and you should give your fans top notch, quality products.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated, serious, difficult or overwhelming, but you do need to have the balls to make life count.

- Marjorye

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