Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New York, New York.

Times Square. The heart of NYC. Tourist Trap # 1. Whatever you call it, Times Square is a section of the city that sums up to lights, cameras and action. In the heart of NYC, there’s always something to do, something to see and somewhere to be. Great food, great shows, great big giant mix of people.

When you fly above New York at night, it’s like, well, a sea of stars. And to be IN the city at night, particularly Times Square, it’s as bright as the sun. There is so much light you could think it’s midday. Advertisement after advertisement flash by, you walk and see billboards as tall as trees, screens as big as a house. The length of them all would be miles worth. If you can't handle bright lights do not go the Land of Lit Pictures that is Times Square.

Photography. The Big Apple might as well be the home, the bread and butter and the gathering place of photographers. In one day I probably saw over two hundred cameras and I’m talking nice cameras. The competition is stiff and the level of originality has to be pushed every day. Shots are easy to duplicate, to be too similar to another. If you’re a photographer in New York you have to be unique and willing to fight for your place.

Own a car in NYC? For heaven’s sake, you’re wasting your time. The thing to do is the subway, walk, get a bike, etc. Remember what I said about the city summing up to action? This is it. People GO there, almost to the point of herds. If you had a birds eye view, you’d see movement.

For most people, this is too much. Too much commercialism, too many tourists, just too much. I’ve heard it’s the worst part of New York City. I’ve heard people say they hate it.

My question is, how can you hate it? How can you hate such an essential part of New York? So it’s not your favorite place (hello Greenwich Village!) but that doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Times Square is the heart of Broadway, it’s got food of every variety, music playing, people, people, people, lights, cameras and action!

Having just gone for the weekend, I can safely say, that I love ALL of NYC including, of course, Times Square.

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